Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Feminine Cards

Below are some cards for friends, relatives, and even my mother-in-law's mother's day card since I know she doesn't look at my blog. Its more of a challenge to make masculine cards for me and more fun to add all the bling and pretties to feminine cards. 

 This last one is for my daughter. I CANNOT believe she will be 20 next week!!! Where did two decades go? She has not had an easy life, and because she is not like me, it has been a challenge for me on many levels to learn what is needed. She is not like me and yet we are so close. She is gentle, soft-spoken, reserved and so naturally compassionate. Still, she is so good deep inside her and I have a lot of admiration for the strength of her spirit. I have learned so much about life and things that have strengthened my faith by being her mother. We teased her this week that she has at least nine lives, as she's had several miracles in her life that have kept her going when others may not have, starting with her birth, twenty years ago.  The events surrounding the weekend she was born are still vivid in my mind even after twenty years. I also know that when she Finally cried after the cord was so tight around her neck that both a doctor and a nurse had a hard time taking it off of her, that I cried. I knew she was supposed to be here, and that it already had been rough. I had lost my eyesight in one eye at her seventh month in utero, I'd had a bad flu at five months, there was just a lot that was challenging, and there still is, but of course, she was worth it all, and she still is. The head nurse told me if I'd had one contraction with the cord the tightest she'd ever experienced she probably wouldn't have made it. So the Lord worked it out that I didn't. And she did make it. She was born a miracle and she still is one today. I thank the Lord for her life and her heart and her soul. She is certainly a large part of mine.

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Sun Goddess said...

Beautiful cards as always and a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your amazing little girl :)